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LightRaman team has accumulated over 15 years of product development and engineering experience in the field of distributed fiber optic sensing. We offer a diverse range of products and services that can transform conventional communication fibers into thousands of temperature, acoustic vibration, strain, and displacement sensors.

We maintain a completely open attitude and welcome all forms of collaboration, including but not limited to the following four ways:

1If you are an engineering contractor or system integrator, we provide comprehensive solutions in areas such as power, petrochemicals, coal, geothermal, and renewable energy. We offer equipment, optical cables, engineering accessories, real-time monitoring software, and even on-site guidance by our engineering personnel to help you solve all your project challenges. Please note that we also provide OEM or ODM services.

2If you are an integrated monitoring company and wish to incorporate distributed optical sensing systems as one of your product lines, we can provide full OEM or ODM services. We offer training on our complete range of products and software, provide equipment branded with your company logo, and grant full commercial usage rights for our software. Alternatively, you can develop your own software, and we offer full SDK services to assist you throughout the software development process.

3If you are a product development company and are interested in acquiring products rather than simple OEM or ODM services, we can provide full authorization for research and production. We offer stable and reliable product modules, with hardware interfaces such as TCP and RS485 that can be integrated with software interfaces. We can assist you in establishing your own production line, help you develop your exclusive software, provide documentation for all market application solutions, and support you in capturing the market.

4If you have a strong interest in distributed optical sensing and wish to acquire the complete optical, hardware, and software solution as a one-time purchase, including source code, circuit schematics, PCB layouts, and optical design structures, we can help you save a significant amount of research and development time. Furthermore, you can further upgrade and create your independent product based on this foundation. We are open to discussing this approach, but please note that it may come at a higher cost. However, we are still open to negotiation.

Currently, our LightRaman team has deployed over 6,000 sets of distributed fiber optic sensing devices worldwide, including temperature, acoustic vibration, and strain sensors. The total length of the communication fibers we have transformed exceeds 40,000 kilometers, with a cumulative total of over 100 million sensors, enough to circle the Earth. We have set the current historical record by converting every 5 cm of fiber into a temperature sensor. One device can connect to 16 fibers, each with a length of 3.2 km, totaling approximately 50,000 meters of fiber, From every 1 meter of fiber, we can stimulate 20 temperature sensors, resulting in a total of 1 million temperature sensors.

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