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Wuxi Brillouin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise established in 2014 through the merger of the esteemed "China Academician Workstation" and the core R&D team of the Sensing Division of Focus Technology (a listed company in China: 300203). Our company stands as a prominent figure in the field of fiber optic sensing, known for our specialization, refinement, and innovative approach. Located in Building B3 of the China Sensing Network International Innovation Park, we are strategically positioned to drive advancements in the industry.

With over 15 years of expertise in fiber optic sensing, our dedicated team focuses on researching, developing, producing, and selling distributed fiber optic sensing technologies. These include distributed temperature sensing, distributed acoustic/vibration sensing, and distributed strain sensing. Notably, we have achieved remarkable centimeter-level distributed fiber optic sensing technology. Our groundbreaking achievements enable a single 50 km optical fiber to cover 1 million temperature sensors, each with a positioning accuracy of 5 cm. Furthermore, we have successfully developed distributed phase acoustic vibration restoration technology (pDAS) through NPU neural network training, as well as long-distance 120 km Brillouin frequency shift temperature and strain demodulation technology. Our capabilities extend to seamlessly integrating millions of distributed fiber optic temperature, fiber optic acoustic vibration, and fiber optic strain sensors within a single device.
At the core of our operations, our research, production, and sales teams embody an enterprising and innovative spirit. Currently, we have deployed over 6,000 online fiber optic sensing devices worldwide, with a remarkable total length of sensing fibers exceeding 40,000 kilometers—enough to encircle the Earth.
Our accomplishments and recognitions include:
1、National High-Tech Enterprise, receiving this prestigious recognition consecutively since our establishment.
2、Small Giant Enterprise recognized for being specialized, refined, and innovative.
3、Representative of private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
4、Certification as a National Intellectual Property Management System (IPMS) enterprise.
5、Established as a practice base for industry-university-research cooperation with Yanshan University, serving as a Master's degree training base.
6、Recognized as an innovative and entrepreneurial leading talent enterprise under the "Fei Feng Talents" program.
7、Key participant and signatory of significant projects in "Technological Innovation and Intelligentization."
8、Possessing 47 intellectual property rights, encompassing patents and software copyrights.
With our extensive 15-year involvement in the field of fiber optic sensing, our focus lies in the research and production of various high-end sensing devices. We offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of applications, including power cable fiber optic sensing monitoring, fiber optic fire detection and alarm systems, pipeline leakage and third-party intrusion fiber optic sensing monitoring, geothermal and geological exploration fiber optic sensing monitoring, oil well detection and reservoir data analysis through fiber optic monitoring, petrochemical pipeline and LNG tank monitoring, coal fiber optic explosion-proof safety monitoring, and new energy security solutions. Each of our products is tailored to specific industry requirements, and we also provide OEM and ODM complete solutions to facilitate industry application implementation. Moreover, we offer all the necessary sub-modules, fostering deep collaboration and enabling successful industry application implementation while granting partial intellectual property rights.
If you require additional information or have any specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your consideration of Wuxi Brillouin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. as your trusted partner in the realm of fiber optic sensing.
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