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Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement transformer monitoring

Distributed optical fiber temperature measurement transformer monitoring

Transformers play a vital role in power systems by converting electrical energy from one voltage level to another. During operation, transformers generate heat, and excessive temperatures can lead to issues such as overloading, insulation aging, damage, and even fires. Therefore, real-time monitoring and early warning of transformer temperatures are crucial to ensuring their safe operation and extending their lifespan.


Fiber deployment:

Install distributed fiber optic sensors inside and outside the transformer. The fiber can be deployed at key locations of the transformer, such as windings, oil tanks, cooling devices, etc. The fiber is in contact with the surface or surrounding environment of the transformer to sense temperature changes.

Real-time monitoring:

Utilize distributed fiber optic temperature sensing technology to monitor the temperature changes of the transformer connected to the fiber optic sensors in real-time. The fiber optic sensors sample temperature data with millimeter-level resolution and reflect the temperature distribution inside and outside the transformer through changes in the optical signals within the fiber.

Temperature alerts and anomaly detection:

Based on the operational requirements and pre-set temperature thresholds of the transformer, the monitoring system can continuously monitor the transformer temperature and trigger temperature alerts and anomaly alarms once the temperature exceeds the thresholds. This allows for timely notifications to maintenance personnel for further inspection and maintenance.

Thermal load analysis and optimization:

By analyzing the temperature data captured by the sensors, combined with the load and operational parameters of the transformer, thermal load analysis and optimization can be performed. This helps determine the thermal load status of the transformer, evaluate its operating condition, and take appropriate adjustment measures.

Fault diagnosis and maintenance:

Distributed fiber optic temperature sensing technology provides precise localization of temperature anomalies inside and outside the transformer. Based on the analysis of temperature data, maintenance personnel can diagnose potential faults and develop corresponding maintenance plans. This helps in timely detection of problems, reducing outage time, and minimizing maintenance costs.

Distributed fiber optic temperature sensing technology provides a high-precision and real-time temperature monitoring solution for transformer monitoring, enhancing the safety and reliability of transformers. By monitoring and alerting temperature anomalies in transformers, maintenance personnel can promptly identify temperature deviations and take appropriate maintenance measures to ensure the stable operation of the power system. Additionally, distributed fiber optic temperature sensing technology is characterized by strong interference resistance and remote monitoring capabilities, making it suitable for various types and sizes of transformers.

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